We are excited to bring to the market a bona fide online shopping experience for a variety of products at competitive prices. Our goal is to deliver a best-in-class native online shopping experience in Barbados. 

The team at RjMcLean has decades of firsthand experience of what a platinum online shopping experience delivers from some of the largest retailers in the world, and our processes are in place to replicate this.

From fitness equipment to home furnishings, we offer you a wide variety of products that are available for purchase 24X7. We are also committed to bringing you the best value for money reflecting this in our prices.

our pillars

Barbados Online Shopping RjMcLean


The website platform that underpins RjMcLean is one of the top three in the world and, from the moment you enter our site to checkout and delivery, there are checks and balances in place to ensure that your order and data is seamlessly and securely processed.


We are committed to working with vendors who are committed to fair market pricing of their goods.

Convenient online shopping in Barbados


This means products available to purchase 24X7 via our online store, an efficient collection process and, in time, delivery of items to home or office. As our business grows we are determined to continuously improve our service offering in this area.

Best online shopping in Barbados


Offer you a broad selection of products from a variety of businesses accessible from both laptop and mobile devices

Barbados Online Shopping RJMCLEAN Rysel McLean

Rysel McLean

About Our founder

Originally from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Rysel lived and worked in the UK for over 18 years.

Rysel developed a deep curiosity and passion for technology whilst completing her BSc in Computer Science. This passion did not diminish over the years - her 2007 Finance MBA dissertation was entitled "How the online business model will replace traditional brick and mortar businesses in years to come". Fast forward some years and this now holds true in most of the largest countries.

Rysel's career to date spans almost 20 years. She started corporate life in the UK doing a variety technology consulting roles across private and public sector. She then spent 12 years at EY, also in the technology arena, where she steadily progressed to senior management over the years.

So, why online business? Having followed the evolution of the online business model for over two decades, Rysel continues to appreciate the convenience and cost-benefit it brings for both customers and vendors alike. She says "After ordering hundres (possibly thousands) of products online over the years, it is incredibly satisfying to have an item delivered to my front door which was only ordered earlier in the day. Out of all the products ordered, I have never had an item not be delivered. This is the type of online shopping experience I am offering to the Caribbean, starting with Barbados".

She would love to see Caribbean busineses and customers capitalise on the overwhelming benefits online shopping brings and RjMcLean will play a part in making this a reality.