Born out of a desire to break free from corporate routine in the UK, and with a track record for creating something out of nothing, rjmclean saw a niche gap in the Bajan market for suitably priced real wood furniture that customers could have finished their own way and was excited to address this.

    rjmclean handmade furniture and woodworking Barbados


    To start addressing this gap, RJ enrolled onto a woodworking course and was immediately captivated by the entire process of transforming humble pieces of lumber into beautiful functional furniture for all types of spaces.

    The mission is simple: deliver signature customizable quality furniture, all handmade locally in Barbados, for fair pricing. Whether they be distinct handmade pieces or lovingly refurbished ones, each piece goes through a considered process of care and attention to detail from start to finish.

    All furniture is made from real wood - there is no chip board, MDF or other similar artificially fabricated materials that do not stand the test of time like real
    wood. Some handmade pieces are showcased unfinished as customers can have them stained or painted, perfectly complimenting your already existing at home décor. We look forward to getting to know you.